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Beat Prediabetes - Fast Start Online Course

The Beat Prediabetes Fast Start Program works for: 

  • People who have been diagnosed with prediabetes and desire to prevent the onset of diabetes, or even better who are looking to reverse prediabetes altogether
  • People who are uncertain about what they should be doing with regard to nutrition, exercise, and sleep in order to improve their metabolism
  • People who "know what they should do" to get healthier but seem to lack the ability to do these things consistently

It's 100% digital and you'll be getting instant access upon purchase.




 We offer an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee. If you're not 100% happy with the course, we'll refund you the purchase with no ifs, ands, or buts.



What People Are Saying:

Fantastic course! In addition to research-based guidelines on diet, exercise and sleep, the course really focuses on how to actually do the things we know we should do. Using the techniques I learned in the course, I have been able to make the dietary changes I knew I wanted to change, but had not yet successfully done so.


For years I have struggled with living a healthy lifestyle consistently. Somehow life always got in the way. As a result I was overweight and more significantly in recent years developed pre-diabetes. Then I took Dr. Fox's program where I learned that will power is limited but with the right tools and methods you can achieve good health. As a result I have reversed prediabetes and feel that I finally have the tools that will help me sustain this lifestyle. If you are considering the program, my advice is to invest in yourself and learn practical techniques to help you live a healthier life. I guarantee that you will not regret it!


I found this course to be incredibly helpful. The modules are broken up into great bite-sized chunks. It's nice to be able to start and finish an entire module including the handouts in one sitting. I also really liked the order in which the modules were presented. It was very effective in being able to keep motivated throughout. Also the 'Fight the dragon' module at the end was effective as well and I really liked that whole concept.


It gave me important information and tools to help me reach my health and weight loss goals. I found the process to be motivating and know the training and material will continue to be useful for not just weight loss but for addressing other personal growth issues. No more fad diets for me, although I don’t think there is one I haven’t tried!