Could You Live to Be 100?


Could you live to be 100 years old?

Let's look at strategies that could help you do just that. Insights from 2 key resources reveal the key actions that have helped others not only live to be 100, but maintain their vigor and vitality along the way.

The New England Centenarian Study:
People who live to be 100 don't live longer after being diagnosed with chronic conditions like heart disease, cancer, or dementia. Rather, they delay or prevent the onset of these conditions. If they are diagnosed with such, it occurs 1-2 decades later in life than the average person. Therefore, we want to live in a way that we can delay or prevent such conditions.

The Blue Zones (
People from 5 cultures where a high percentage of people live to be 100 all tend to have these "Power 9" in common:
1. Move Naturally
2. Purpose
3. Down Shift
4. 80% Rule
5. Plant Slant
6. Wine at 5
7. Belong
8. Loved Ones First
9. Right Tribe

I encourage you to find 1-2 ideas that resonate with you and focus on them over the next few weeks to improve your health and your chances of living to 100.

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