One Percent Wins to Reverse Prediabetes


Can you really win by making 1% improvements?

Can you really improve your health by staking together small improvements over time?
While it may seem counterintuitive, making consistent small upgrades to your choices and behaviors can yield amazing results. Making a 1% improvement every day for a year leaves you 3700% better off (it's crazy, but true if you do the math).

The key is consistency. And consistency is not easy.

In this training we'll discuss one of our clients who has lost over 30 pounds and dropped her A1c from 6.5% to 5.8% by focusing on 1% improvements. We'll then discuss one practical example of how to make a 1% improvement with a "snack makeover."

Yes, you can win by making 1% improvements. Let's get started together today.

Woman 50+? Prediabetes? You want to be healthy, but the world makes it hard to follow through on your good intentions. We can help you. Join Reversing Prediabetes, your first month is just $1:



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