2 Sleep Hacks

sleep Dec 03, 2020

Sleep and Metabolism

When I talk to people about controlling blood sugar and/or weight loss, I like to focus on 3 key elements needed for an Optimal Metabolism - Quality Movement, Quality Nutrition, and Quality Sleep. So what's up with sleep and metabolism? It turns out that people who are short on sleep tend to put themselves into a "metabolic storage mode" and have difficulty losing weight effectively. If you are curious, check out this interesting study.)

Unfortunately, as we get older, our sleep quality tends to diminish. For me, I usually fall asleep pretty easily but often I awake at 3 am and can't get back to sleep. The "monkey brain" starts going and my thoughts jump around from this to that, faster and faster, and sleep becomes elusive. So, I am always interested in strategies to help get back to sleep when I hear them.

Sleep Hacks

I like listening to and reading material from Gretchen Rubin, who writes about habits. I heard these 2 sleep "hacks" on her Happier Podcast and found them interesting. Next time you are having trouble sleeping, consider trying one of these:

  1. Try listening to an audio book on 1/2 speed
  2. Try listening to the "Sleep With Me" podcast

Both hacks are designed to relax your mind and allow you to focus on a story, thereby letting your mind quiet down so you can relax and go back to sleep. I've been sleeping pretty well since I heard these, but I'm going to try one next time I'm up at 3 am.

I would love to hear if you find one of these hacks helpful.


Dr. Topher Fox


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