The Diabetes Fire Triangle and How Many Carbs You Can Eat

The Diabetes Fire Triangle and How Many Carbs You Can Eat

 "You have diabetes.”

Jane was not surprised to hear those words. Many people in her family already have diabetes, including both her parents. She’d been thinking she needed to make some changes in her life for a few years, but she never quite got around to it, and the few things she tried never really stuck as new habits. She took a deep breath and sighed.

With her new diagnosis, Jane knew she couldn’t put off her health any longer. She had 2 daughters she loved, and it was her dream to enjoy grandchildren someday. Plus, she and her husband had been saving for retirement and hoped to travel more. She didn’t want poor health to get in the way of her dreams.

But Jane was confused. She’d been reading about nutrition, and recommendations were all over the map. Some say anything with carbs is bad. Others say lots of plants and no oils. Others say moderation. It made sense to her to cut down on...

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